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From general maintenance to specialized repairs, HANCOMM delivers top-tier commercial handyman services tailored for your business’s unique needs

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Commercial Care

General Maintenance – Carpentry – Plumbing – Painting – Drywall Repair and Installation – Flooring – Window and Door Repairs

Unlock superior commercial maintenance with HANCOMM. From general upkeep, carpentry, and electrical solutions to advanced HVAC maintenance and accessibility installations, we cover it all. Elevate your commercial space with our comprehensive range of services tailored for modern businesses. Your property’s best version awaits!


Our General Maintenance service ensures that commercial properties remain in optimal condition. Regular upkeep is pivotal for a professional appearance and seamless operations. We’ve got you covered, from simple tasks like changing light bulbs to more intricate ones like door repairs. Our dedicated team also diligently maintains common areas, ensuring they’re welcoming and functional. Trust HANCOMM to prioritize your property’s longevity and appeal.

We Are Your Go-To Solution for Commercial Maintenance and Repair

At HANCOMM, we're not just a service - we're your trusted partner in commercial maintenance and repair. With over 19 years of expertise, our team tailors solutions to meet your unique challenges, ensuring results that align with your expectations and needs. Choose excellence. Choose HANCOMM.


Building & repairing structures like shelves, desks, and partitions

HANCOMM’s Carpentry services are the backbone of a well-structured commercial space. Our skilled craftsmen excel in building and repairing essential structures, ensuring they serve their purpose and enhance your environment’s aesthetics.

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