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Running a successful business in Silver Spring comes with its fair share of challenges, from day-to-day operations to office maintenance, repairs, and improvements. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all these tasks on your plate. However, you don’t have to tackle everything by yourself.

At Hancomm in Silver Spring, we believe in more than just completing tasks; we believe in doing them right. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, setting us apart from the rest. Our core values serve as our guiding principles in every decision and action we take.

Rely on our skilled team to manage your property’s repair and maintenance needs, ensuring your business remains in great condition. Leave the details to us, and enjoy peace of mind.

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We offer diverse commercial maintenance services specialized to help our community in Silver Springs. Whether you’re a property manager or a commercial business owner, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services in Silver Springs

Retail Service Providers | Silver Springs and Surrounding Area

Commercial Handyman

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Let’s make sure your retail business is taken care of. As a reliable partner in the Silver Springs area, Hancomm is your go-to for all your commercial and retail needs. Our skilled tradesmen are not only experts but also professionals who look to continuously provide a positive experience for every store they service.

Retail managers in Silver Springs often express a preference for working exclusively with Hancomm tradesmen.

We offer subcontracting services for all of your trade work and minor construction needs. We can also visit stores on your behalf, ensuring a positive brand impression.

Whether you’re local or based out of town, Hancomm ensures consistent, high-quality work that’s completed efficiently. Our tradesmen also offer photo documentation for out-of-town service companies to confirm project completion has met your standards.

Our Commercial Handyman Services Include:

Contact us to learn more about how Hancomm can help your business thrive.

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Property Management Firms - Local and out-of-state, focused around Silver Springs, Maryland.

Handyman Solutions

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Let us make sure you’re getting the highest profit from your properties. Whether you’re managing properties locally or from out of state, Hancomm is here to assist with all your handyman and repair needs. Do you oversee multi-tenant buildings, offices, or commercial spaces? Hancomm will help you maintain and prepare your properties to ensure a high profit on your properties.

Your Handyman Partner

Managing properties can be hassle-free when you trust our dependable tradesmen at Hancomm. By offering a wide range of repair and construction services, our tradesmen are here to make your job easier.

Our Services
for Property Managers

Are you a Remote Property Manager?

If you’re not based in the Silver Springs area, no worries. At Hancomm, our tradesmen can provide photo documentation of completed repairs, saving you time and money when you need a site visit. Allowing you to confirm the quality and timeliness of our professional handymen and tradesmen.

Our tradesmen at Hancomm are your go-to representatives for commercial and multi-tenant properties in the Silver Spring area. When you need work done, Hancomm handyman professionals are here for you. Trust us to get the job done.

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Shopping Centers - Of all Sizes

Single Storefronts to Entire
Malls- Handyman Solutions

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Are you in need of a professional and reliable tradesman for your shopping center’s unique repair needs?

The handymen at Hancomm are the answer to all your needs! Our tradesmen ensure your repairs meet all your requirements while being executed promptly and professionally.

Don’t hesitate to trust our handymen to handle all your shopping center repairs.

Handyman Support for
Mall Operators

Hancomm's handyman can manage repairs throughout your shopping center or strip mall, whether they're needed in individual stores or common areas. Trust us to get the job done right.

Retail Store

If you own or manage a store within a shopping or strip mall, Hancomm can help you maintain your space in excellent condition. Our team is skilled in various construction trades, ensuring you receive top-notch service.

Services for National &
Regional Chains

Even if your stores are far from the Silver Springs area, Hancomm can handle the necessary repairs. We can also provide photo documentation for your corporate records.

We also provide handyman solutions for Retail Outlets - from local shops to national and regional chains

Our Shopping Center Services Include:

Man working with backroom repairs

Whatever your repair or maintenance needs, Hancomm is here to help. Contact us for your upcoming projects to see how we can meet your requirements.

Retail Store
Handyman Solutions

Whether you’re a local store, a regional chain, or a national retail brand, Hancomm is here to manage all your handyman needs. From minor repairs to larger projects, we’ve got you covered. Create a to-do list, request specific services, or ask us for a comprehensive estimate for bigger tasks.

We handle various jobs, from assembling new product displays to completing more extensive projects.

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Our Retail Handyman Services Include:

And much more! Check out our complete list of corporate repair services.

Selecting wood

Neglecting minor repairs can lead to significant costs, particularly in retail settings. A flaw, such as a hole in the drywall, could result in lost business. Ensure your bottom line remains unaffected by entrusting Hancomm to address these issues, allowing you to concentrate on your core strength—driving sales.

Contact us today at 866-824-6434 to find out how we can assist you.

Store Planning

Considering new store openings? Trust our handyman to optimize long-term savings with our corporate store planning assessments. Our expert tradesmen will assess your model store, analyze fixtures and materials, and offer recommendations tailored to enhance efficiency. Make informed choices by consulting our expert handymen to choose high-quality store materials, saving time and money. Explore our assessment services for comprehensive insights!

Retail Maintenance Services - Diverse Repair and Assembly Tasks

Corporate Maintenance

Hancomm specializes in various repair and maintenance services tailored for corporate stores. Our team is trained to handle your corporate service needs efficiently and effectively.

Carpentry worker

Contact us to discuss how we can manage the maintenance needs of your corporate stores in the Mid-Atlantic region. Don't hesitate to ask if you need clarification on whether we offer a particular service. We're able to assist you.

Services for Corporate and Chain Stores Include:

Commercial Maintenance - Extensive Service Options

Commercial Repair

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At Hancomm, our tradesmen provide many handyman repair and maintenance services. Below, we share a brief list of our service options, but at Hancomm, our tradesmen offer much more. Feel free to contact us if you do not see your specific repair service below.

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Indoor Commercial Repair &
Assembly Services:

Outdoor Commercial
Repair Services:

Walls made

Contact us to discuss your commercial repair needs in the Silver Springs area. If you have any questions or unique requirements, don't hesitate to ask. Our Jack-of-all trades handymen are likely able to assist you with your specific needs.

We also provide handyman

Retail Outlets - from local shops to national and regional chains

Bank Branches - Single Locations or Regional Coverage

Bank Handyman & Maintenance Services

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For all your bank branches within our service areas, Hancomm is your go-to for all handyman needs. We offer a range of services in Silver Springs, Maryland, including:


If any of your bank branches require maintenance repairs or new displays that need assembling, contact us for prompt and professional service.
Contact us today at 866-824-6434.


If your bank oversees foreclosures or various property types, Hancomm can help streamline repair processes and prepare these properties for sale. Reach out to discuss your unique requirements.

Dining Establishments - Local Eateries, Regional and National Chains

Restaurant Handyman

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Restaurant Handyman Services:

Prevent minor repairs from escalating into major headaches. Prioritize timely maintenance to save both time and money in the long run.

Contact us today to keep your restaurant running smoothly and efficiently.

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